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Availability of Mopar® Connect Services

Mopar® Connect services are now available on the Fiat 500, Fiat 500X and Fiat 500L for vehicles sold in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

For vehicles sold in Italy, France, Germany and Spain, Mopar® Connect offers you the my:Assistant services Crash Assistance and Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. The Theft Assistance service is active in all European Union countries and Switzerland.

Door Lock service is not available for cars with volumetric alarm systems fitted as standard.

Update Map Navigation

Free map updates are available for New Fiat 500, Fiat Tipo, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo Stelvio with Mopar® Map Care. We offer a new update every three months, ready to be installed on your navigation system. Find out the details on Map Update website.

New maps are also available for Uconnect 5’’ Radio NAV on the TomTom website for Fiat 500L, Fiat 500X, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Fiat Doblò Panorama & Cargo, Fiat Ducato, Jeep Renegade and Abarth 595.
We want to make sure you start driving with the latest TomTom map, so if a newer version of the map becomes available within 90 days of your first use of the navigation device, you can download it for free. Find out the details on the website.
New maps for Uconnect 6,5''and 8,4'' RadioNav are available for Jeep Renegade, Fiat 500X, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee at our authorised dealerships.

Availability of LIVE Services

The Uconnect LIVE services are now available on Fiat 500X, Fiat New 500, Jeep Renegade, Fiat 500L, Lancia Nuova Ypsilon, Alfa Romeo New Giulietta, Fiat Tipo 5Doors, Fiat Tipo Station Wagon, Abarth 595, Fiat 500S, New Alfa Romeo Mito, New Fiat Doblò, Jeep Compass, Cherokee MY 2017 and Grand Cherokee MY 2017 with Uconnect 5” Radio LIVE, Uconnect 5” Radio Nav LIVE, Uconnect 6.5” Radio Nav LIVE, Uconnect 7'' HD LIVE, Uconnect 7'' HD Nav LIVE, Uconnect 8,4” Radio and Uconnect 8,4” HD Nav LIVE.

The Uconnect LIVE services could be activated depending on each vehicle in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus.

Minimum smartphone requirements for Uconnect™ LIVE mobile app

Bluetooth version 2.1 or later + EDR
Android operating system Android 4.1 or later. Suggested screen resolution 480x800, 540x960, 720x1280, 1080x1920.
Apple operating system iOS 9.0 or later. Suggested screen resolution 640x960, 640x1136, 750x1334 e 1080x1920.

Quick tips for voice command

Just a few things to keep in mind when you are voicing your commands. For more tips and advice, please listen to the tutorial provided with your system.


It’s your system’s way of letting you know it’s ready to accept commands.


Say your commands clearly and talk at your normal speed.


If others are talking while you are and the A/C fan is on high, the system may not hear you.


For example, say “call John Smith” if that is how his name appears in your phone — not “call Johnny Smith.”


You can interrupt a long system response by pressing the VR button and waiting for the beep.

TomTom LIVE service availability

Country TomTom Traffic Speedcam (or dangerous zone) Places Weather
Austria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulgaria No Yes No Yes
Cyprus No No No Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes Yes Yes
Estonia No Yes No Yes
Finland Yes Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes (danger zone only) Yes Yes
Germany Yes No Yes Yes
Greece Yes Yes No Yes
Hungary Yes Yes No Yes
Ireland Yes Yes Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lithuania No Yes No Yes
Luxembourg Yes No Yes Yes
Latvia No Yes No Yes
Malta Yes Yes No Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes Yes Yes
Portugal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Romania No Yes No Yes
Slovakia No Yes No Yes
Slovenia No Yes No Yes
Spain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland Yes No Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes Yes