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Uconnect LIVE MiniFleet the extension of the Uconnect LIVE services.

The Uconnect LIVE MiniFleet solution is the result of a newly revamped attention of Mopar EMEA towards the Fleet&Business Customers. The Uconnect LIVE MiniFleet solution is aimed at enabling Fleet Managers to get a snapshot of their fleet key convenience indicators (eco:Drive & my:Car) on a dedicated section within the Uconnect website.

BENEFITS for Fleet managers

  • Easily control and manage their fleet data and single vehicles status and drive style, in order to optimize the maintenance works on the vehicles of the fleet.
  • Have details relating to consumption/cost* of each vehicle of the fleet and the group data of the whole fleet.
  • Easily link the “Fleet Manager Account” functionality to his personal Uconnect LIVE account into the “Profile Management” section.


  • Both Fleet Managers and fleet Drivers must register on
  • To use Uconnect MiniFleet the driver must download the Uconnect LIVE app, available for iOS and Android for free
  • To use Uconnect MiniFleet the driver must launch the app, log in and connect his smartphone to the radio via Bluetooth, during all the usage of the vehicle
  • Uconnect MiniFleet is available only for Uconnect LIVE vehicles
  • Data connection is provided by the user's phone.