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Get Mopar® Connect services

Are you interested in having Mopar® Connect services in your car?

When you configure your Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia or Abarth vehicle, check that the model selected has Mopar® Connect as an optional.

Services can be activated at Authorised Dealerships. When you collect your car, the Dealer will guide you through the first phase of registration. You will then receive an email allowing you to complete activation and access a world of services!

Stay connected to your car, all year round!

If you purchase a vehicle with Mopar® Connect, you have a year of services included, valid as of the vehicle’s warranty start date.

After a trial period of 12 months, you can choose whether to renew the services for another year. For more details about the renewal process, talk to your Authorised Dealership.