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MY:ASSISTANT, safety at your fingertips

Crash Assistance

Mopar® Connect Crash Assistance provides help 24 hours a day. With the Crash Assistance service, your vehicle will be able to identify the impact and send the GPS position to the operations centre. A my:Assistant operator will call you back and will be able to request help to the place of the accident.

Roadside Assistance

If your car has a problem, with Mopar® Connect you have Roadside Assistance, dedicated to your needs and those of your vehicle.

The Roadside Assistance number, available on the Uconnect™ LIVE app, will put you in touch with a my:Assistant operator who will request roadside assistance to your location.

Prompt intervention will have you back on your way in no time!

Theft Assistance

If your car is no longer where you left it, Mopar® Connect can help you find it.

With Theft Assistance, your vehicle will be able to detect unauthorised towing and can receive assistance from a my:Assistant operator. After having reported the theft, the operators will provide the GPS coordinates and will immobilise the engine when the vehicle stops to facilitate recovery.

MY:REMOTECONTROL allows you to control your car from a distance

Door lock

Can't you remember whether you locked the doors? With the Uconnect™ LIVE app, you can lock or unlock the doors wherever you are.

Find car*

Finding your car in a packed car park has never been this easy. Locate it on the map in the Uconnect™ LIVE app and follow the quickest route to reach it.

Activate Notifications*

Keep an eye on your car even when you’re not at the wheel! Thanks to the Activate Notifications system, you can receive warning when your car leaves a designated area or if the person driving it is travelling at excessive speed. Furthermore, with Reminder you can receive a memo message whenever you park and move away from your car to help you avoid forgetting anything behind.

Unlock Boot

Control access to the trunk of your car. With the Uconnect™ LIVE app, you can unlock it wherever you are.

Emergency Lights

Do you want to easily locate your car in a crowded parking? Flash the emergency lights for 4 seconds, directly from the Uconnect™ LIVE app.

*Services that require vehicle localisation can be deactivated using the Privacy Mode service. For more details, refer to the “FAQ”

MY:CAR keeps your vehicle in perfect condition

my:Car by Mopar® Connect is able to provide updated information about your vehicle. Via the Uconnect™ LIVE app, you can check the fuel level (or battery level for electric vehicles) or tyre pressure in order to ensure every journey is a safe one.

Receive the Vehicle Health Report every month via email, also available in your private area, enriched with useful information on how to take care of your car.


my:Journey is the new service included in Mopar® Connect that allows you to view and manage your journeys via the Uconnect™ LIVE app. Turn every trip on board your vehicle into a rewarding travel experience with dates, maps and personal notes.


my:eCharge is the Fiat Professional E-Ducato package which, through the use of dedicated features and mobile apps, allows you to find, use, pay for and track recharges at public charging stations (easy Charge), as well as being able to manage charging with a Connected Wallbox.


My Fleet Manager enables company fleets of cars and light commercial vehicles to be managed with maximum efficiency and safety. The most advanced fleet management and car sharing solutions for sharing parking spaces among employees.

On a single platform available on the Internet and on mobile devices, vehicle data is converted into solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, prevent risks and ensure vehicle security and driver safety. You have all the tools you need to plan, manage, monitor and analyse.


The advantages of Mopar® Connect do not end with the proprietary services, accessible from the Uconnect™ LIVE mobile app and from the website. Thanks to the telematic data of your car, you can contribute to the constant improvement of the Mopar® Connect experience and enjoy the exclusive advantages, designed in collaboration with leading companies in their market sector.

Insurance Benefits

Mopar® Connect is a telematic box that can be combined with the latest Pay-As-You-Drive and Pay-How-You-Drive car policies, with promotions dedicated to connected customers: ask your dealer for more information or talk to your insurance company to take advantage of any discounts on the insurance policy!

Generali jeniot (available only in Italy)

Generali Jeniot, 100% Generali Italia, provides many digital services designed for your connected car. An example? Discover Help, the innovative service that In the event of a fine or cloned plate, provides you with a report that certifies your exact position and a legal expert on the phone.

Fiat 500 family with Hey Google

Experience a new way to interact with your 500 family Hey Google car equipped with Mopar® Connect box, anytime, anywhere. Use your voice to access the main features of my:RemoteControl, my:Car and my:Journey. Find out how to use your Fiat 500 family Hey Google car: click here


The services described above require activation and are subject to mobile and GPS network coverage and availability. We recommend that you check service availability and coverage in your country and for your particular vehicle.