Alfa Performance EN

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Alfa Performance allows users to collect new information about their driving behaviour and acquire greater awareness of parameters, such as power delivered and torque in real time, and data about acceleration and braking. Information about G force in a turn, turbo pressure, oil temperature, wheel position and slipping will be displayed on the radio. And there is more.

Trip data can be saved in the system's memory and accessed from outside the vehicle using the Uconnect™ LIVE app. Users can read the data history at a later time and view a general analysis of trip data. In addition, some functions can also be accessed offline.

The community dimension plays a central role: Alfa Romeo selected and mapped routes and added specific driving tips for each one of them to help Alfa drivers improve their performance. Users will live a new driving experience and share their performance with other members of the community.

Thanks to the Alfa Performance service, Uconnect LIVE users can map their favourite routes to compare first of all with their own performance. The Alfa Performance app is intended for entertainment purposes only. Drive safely and responsibly. This application is only available on the New Giulietta with Uconnect 6.5’’ Radio Nav LIVE.